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    Melatonin And SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

    SIDS or "Crib death" usually occurs during the night in infants less than one year old.

    Evidence has been collected that the pineals of the SIDS infants were abnormal and produced lower levels of melatonin than normal. Melatonin usually is low in newborns at birth; babies begin to produce melatonin by the age of three months.

    When Wurtman (1991) compared melatonin levels of SIDS babies to those of infants who died of other causes, he found that the infants with SIDS had significantly lower melatonin levels than the non-SIDS babies. Sparks also found that degeneration of neurons involved in sleep occurred and were exaggerated in SIDS babies. Degeneration and regeneration on neurons is normal in babies within the first three months, but it appears to last longer in babies with SIDS.

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