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it is also best known as cafergot

products containing  caffeine:
alert-pep, anoquan, cafamil, cafcit, cafecon, caffedrine, caffedrine caplets, caffine, cafipel, coffein, coffeine, darvon compound, darvon compound-65, dasin, dexitac, dexitac stay alert stimulant, dhc plus, diurex, durvitan, eldiatric c, enerjets, ercatab, esgic, esgic-plus, esgic plus, femcet, fioricet, fiorinal, guaranine, hycomine, invagesic, invagesic forte, keep alert, kofein, koffein, lanorinal, mateina, maximum strength snapback stimulant powders, medigesic plus, migergot, miudol, natural caffeinum, nix nap, no-doz, nodaca, nodoz maximum strength caplets, norgesic, norgesic forte, organex, orphengesic, orphengesic forte, pep-back, phensal, propoxyphene compound 65, propoxyphene compound-65, quick pep, refresh’n, sk 65 compound, stim, synalgos-dc, thein, theine, triad, ultra pep-back, vivarin, wake-up, wigraine

ergotamine tartrate, anhydrous, monohydrate, cafeina, caffein, caffeine pure, methyltheobromide, methyltheobromine, monomethyl derivative of theophylline, theobromine me, theophylline me

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