Prevention and Relief of Migraine Pain

Migraine headache pain is a debilitating condition that afflicts over 19% to 20% of the American population and can have a huge negative impact on society. People with frequent migraine headaches are always searching for the best treatments for their condition, to improve the many areas of their life that are suffering as a result.

A number of prescription medications are available to help treat migraine pain, but there does not seem to be a “gold standard” treatment to deal with the pain that so many endure. Consequently, migraine sufferers are trying out alternative medicine methods in relieving as well as preventing migraine headache pain.

Acupuncture: By targeting certain nerves, some relief has been reported by sufferers of migraine pain with this ancient technique, even though it has not been widely used for this purpose.

Vitamins and Supplements: With a lot of research studies, the relationship between migraine pain and digestive health has been examined. It is interesting that the evidence seems to support the idea that poor digestive health may lead to an increased incidence of migraine pain. Because of that, migraine sufferers have started to improve dietary levels and currently add in the use of magnesium and Riboflavin supplements, as well as to the use the herb. Akeso Health Sciences has presented this triple therapy line of attack in a product named MigreLief, which can be purchased without a prescription and should be used every day for the deterrence of migraine pain. Also, using the herb Feverfew as a preventative can limit the function of platelets in the bloodstream, decrease the release of serotonin and decrease inflammation. These by themselves might be a therapeutic way to prevent migraines.

People have been using cool ice packs to get relief for headaches for years, and they are a popular way to lessen migraine pain. Now, the tried and true method of using an ice filled bag has gotten a new and innovative twist. A couple of products, MigraCap and BeKool, are available with no prescription and offer the cool and calming effect of the old fashioned ice pack treatment. On one hand, BeKool is simple and easy to use by applying to the forehead or back of the neck; on the other hand, MigraCap provides more powerful relief. MigraCap, which comes in a lot of color choices, is a soft hat that is put over the head in the midst of a migraine headache. In addition to a black lining that seals out the light, cool gel packs are strategically located throughout the MigraCap to help cool and soothe the areas that are usually affected by migraine pain.

Whichever the selection in migraine therapy management, the choices for alternative medicines ought to be considered. Physicians can suggest various treatments and provide a number of prescription medications, but using non-prescription remedies my enhance the effects of prescription drugs or possibly take the place of the prescription migraine medication. No matter which choice is made, the final outcome might relieve pain and make day to day living better for migraine sufferers.

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