Prescription Drugs: How to Do Right Choice

Online pharmacies are loaded with medications that you can get without a prescription. A lot claim to swiftly and safely alleviate your symptoms, be it hacking cough, stuffy nose, or bad indigestion. While drugstore medications can effectively treat some symptoms, its availability without a prescription does not automatically mean it is a safe choice. When used in extreme amounts even a widely used drug like Tylenol can lead to life-threatening liver failure. That is why you need to know how to pick out safe OTC drugs.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the proper products.

The most basic law of choosing a safe medication is reading the label. It is stunning how few individuals make time to read and completely understand the fine print on a non-prescription drug label. The information provided on a label is generally presented in a standardized form that is the same from medication to medication. This is how you can understand what all of the information means.

How to Read the Label When Choosing a Safe Medication:

Active Ingredient: The active ingredient is always listed first in the drug label; it is responsible for relieving the symptoms. The label generally lists the active ingredient together with the quantity found in each tablet or capsule. There might be more than one active ingredient in some prescription drugs. Prior taking the drug, you have to be certain that you do not have a history of allergic or bad reactions to the active ingredient. If you need more information about how the active ingredient works, check with your pharmacist.

Uses: This is the second section listed on the drug label. The label will normally tell you which conditions the drug treats. This enables you to find out if the medication is appropriate for use with the symptoms you are experiencing. You shouldn’t use any prescription medicine for treating symptoms not included in those listed on its label.

Warnings: The warnings section should always be read and followed. It informs you of the medications or foods that are contraindicated if you are following this particular treatment. A good example is Tylenol. Its label cautions users not to consume more than three glasses of alcohol a day. It will list additional warnings for use when pregnant or for a child. It is always advisable to get your doctor’s or pharmacist’s okay before using any prescription drugs if you are taking its. Do not use multiple¬† medicines together unless you have consulted your physician.

Directions: The directions tell you how many pills to take and how often you should take them. You shouldn’t ever take a larger dose than that which is recommended. Even drugs can have serious side effects when they are not used correctly. If the medicine is appropriate for children as well, the proper dose for them is provided. Never allow a child under the age of twelve to take a dose of a medication intended for an adult

Inactive Ingredients: This enumerates the drug’s components that don’t play a part in symptom relief. These are things such as food coloring, fillers, or preservatives. This section is especially important to those with food or medication allergies, as these people might be sensitive to a listed ingredient.

Additional tips: It is essential to be aware of the expiration date. As soon as you bring home the latest medicine, mark the expiration date so you know when to throw it away. If you react negatively to a medicine, make note of its name, including the active and inactive ingredients for future reference. Keep a record for yourself and also give this information to your physician and pharmacist.

You will be able to choose more easily the safe prescription drugs for your family and yourself once you know how to read drug labels. You must read the fine print as it is important.

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