When the New Medicine has been Created…

April 14th, 2010

Study explains the path a drug takes from its creation in a laboratory to a pharmacy.

When the new medicine has been created in the lab, it has to pass various strictly supervised tests before it will be available to society. Only following verification that it is possible to be a good medicine by showing its strengths in preclinical trials, can it be thought of as being usable for human trials.
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Top Most Frequently Prescribed Drugs

March 25th, 2010

Have you ever wondered what the most widely prescribed drug was? Go ahead – take a guess. I think the answer will surprise you!

Out of thousands of drugs that are marketed in the U.S., do you know which ones top the scale as the most frequently prescribed? You may be suprised.

I would have thought maybe a drug like Lanoxin, used to treat heart problems, or perhaps even depression drugs such as Prozac or Zoloft would be the most widely used medication.

This is not the case. The drug most frequently prescribed is Vicodin! Hydrocodone, or Vicodin is a pain killer used to treat moderate to severe pain. Read the rest of this entry »

How I Cured My Allergies To Pollen

March 5th, 2010

How I Cured My Allergies To Pollen
Or – Honey You Shrunk The Sneeze!
My mother used to tell me stories of how, when she was a child, her mother would force her to swallow a spoonful of cod liver oil every day. Mama said it reeked of nastiness and she would always relate this story every time I was sick and fighting her about taking my medicine.
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Prostate Health – Your Guide to Great Plumbing

February 21st, 2010

Every guy knows the word prostate, but very few know its purpose even how to make it healthy. This time we look at ways to eat your way to better prostate health and sperm function even she can’t complain about.

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland right below the bladder. Its main job is to release an alkaline liquid called the seminal fluid. The fluid consists mostly of sugars (fructose) and enables the spermatozoids (baby sperm) to function properly.

An enlarged prostate is actually caused by hyperplasia. It doesn’t mean swelling, just an increase in the number of cells. BPH symptoms can be prevented and its progress stopped with the proper diet and regular checkups. The process leading to an enlarged prostate gland starts with low blood levels of testosterone. Prostate cells depend on testosterone to work properly so they release an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) to transform what’s left of the testosterone into a hormone 10 times stronger called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Read the rest of this entry »

Foods to Help Tendonitis

February 10th, 2010

Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon, usually due to injury. Tendons are fibers which attach muscle to bone and lie in a sheath for easy and smooth manoeuvering. Eating your way to better health is the way to go.

Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon, usually due to injury. Tendons are fibers which attach muscle to bone and lie in a sheath for easy and smooth manoeuvering. Well known as tennis elbow, tendonitis can affect any tendons of any joint. The shoulder and the Achilles tendon at the heel are at high risk for tendon injuries.
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Purchase Wellbutrin to Treat Psychiatric Disorders

January 20th, 2010

Wellbutrin is quite helpful in relieving depression and people who suffer from major depression are advised to purchase this medication. Major depression is a serious problem with which many people throughout the world are afflicted. Read the rest of this entry »

Drug-Herb Interactions. Part 2

January 2nd, 2010

The fact is that many such interactions are not especially serious. They emerge as somewhat higher or lower than expected blood levels of one drug when combined with another, or unusual or more severe than expected side effects with a particular combination. Therefore, you will regularly find doctors prescribing some newly released drug to patients taking other medications, without knowing whether anyone has studied the combination for adverse interactions. Read the rest of this entry »

Drug-Herb Interactions. Part 1

December 25th, 2009

In the past year, reports that St. John’s Wort can interact adversely with a number of prescription medications attracted a lot of attention and alarm. These reported interactions need widespread notice, but not panic, among people who use herbal remedies.
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How to Prevent Osteoporosis

December 11th, 2009

You’re never too young to know about osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease of bone loss in which bones¬† become thin, weak and brittle, making them more susceptible to fractures. Even though the manifestations of the disease mainly occur in women after menopause, bone loss begins when you are young and occurs throughout life.
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Blood Pressure Basics

November 23rd, 2009

Until you receive a diagnosis of high or low blood pressure, you may have given little thought to the mechanics of blood pressure.  To understand the ramifications of this medical condition, it is beneficial to learn the basics of blood pressure.
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