Diflucan Without Prescription. Is it safe?


There are several reasons why you might have a yeast infection. A primary cause is the entrance of new yeast into the vagina. Yeast infections can also be caused when there is more yeast in the vagina than bacteria. This can be caused by taking antibiotics for another condition. When the inner vagina is harmed (possible result of chemotherapy), a woman may develop a susceptibility to yeast infections as well. It is more likely that women who are pregnant, have suppressed immune systems or who take oral contraceptives will contract yeast infections.

Sexual activity is not required to get a yeast infection since it is not an STD. Still, from time to time when a man has sexual relations with a woman with yeast infection, his penis may catch a yeast infection, resulting in itchiness of its skin.


It’s possible to have yeast infection symptoms and not have a yeast infection. That is because yeast infection symptoms can be the same as several other conditions. Only a doctor can provide a true diagnosis at this point.

An intense itching in the vagina or vulva (outside part of the woman’s genitalia) is the main sign of a yeast infection. Some symptoms of yeast infections are burning, soreness, vaginal discharge, and pain during urination or intercourse. When discharge shows up, it emits no odor and appears a bit like cottage cheese — white with a thick texture and shape.

A small number of women, about 5%, suffer from recurring yeast infections. Yeast infections are placed in the category of recurring when a woman contracts the fourth infection within a year, barring any that are the result of antibiotics usage. There might be an underlying condition if you experience recurring yeast infections.


You treat a yeast infection with an anti-fungal medicine. Some are used on the surface, or topically. You apply a topical medicine directly on and inside the vagina. You can also take an oral anti-fungal medicine.

You might need more than one kind of medicine if your infection was caused by more than one kind of yeast microbe. Terconazole (Terazol 3), clotrimazole (Lotrimin), butoconazole (Femstat 3) and miconazole (Monistat) are a few types of anti fungal creams. Fluconazole (Diflucan) is the most common oral treatment for yeast infections. Physicians typically like to prescribe topical treatments over the oral treatments for yeast infections. Pregnant or breast feeding women should not take the oral drug which can cause headaches, nausea, and stomach pain. It isn’t very likely that you would experience side effects from a topical medicine.

You can use over the counter medications to treat yeast infections. If there is no improvement, then this might not be a yeast infection and you need to see your doctor. Bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea all have the same symptoms as a yeast infection.

Where can you purchase Diflucan when you do not have a prescription?

You can obtain Fluconazole in 50, 100,150 or 200 mg tablets by prescription only. It is supplied as tablets for oral application with a prescription, but the online pharmacy will fill a Fluconazole order without prescription. It’s possible to buy Diflucan on the web, which is cheaper than the ones sold at the store.

Is it illegal to purchase Diflucan?

It is all legal. You verify that you are only buying Diflucan for personal use and not to resell. Most countries have sold these medications for application. Generic Fluconazole normally passes through American customs without a problem. Contact the pharmacy if you get into trouble with the customs house and they will resend your Fluconazole order, charging you nothing extra.

So what if I have never purchased Diflucan online before?

After comparing prices to the local pharmacy, order your Fluconazole online. You will concur that any drugstore can sell your medication at a lower price when it is cheap generic Diflucan.

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