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    Is it possible for appendicitis to come and go?

    First things, first. Sudden, severe abdominal pain that is intermittent but ongoing or pain that continues unabated warrants immediate medical attention. It could be appendicitis or one of a string of other serious conditions that may cause abdominal pain. Don't spend time trying to determine whether this is appendicitis when you should perhaps be getting treatment for a potentially dangerous illness.

    If this is appendicitis and you ignore it, you are putting yourself into a potentially life-threatening situation. When an inflamed appendix is not treated promptly, it can rupture. This can lead to infection or inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity -- a condition called peritonitis which requires emergency treatment.

    As to the pain, appendicitis can display itself with a constellation of symptoms that are common but not universal. Although we have a group of symptoms that serve as red flags for appendicitis when they appear together, most people don't exhibit symptoms as a textbook case study. This wide variation among individuals with appendicitis may be why you are having trouble finding a clear answer to your question about the duration of pain. Appendicitis is not as easy to diagnose as many people think.

    The stereotypical symptom of appendicitis is severe pain in the lower right quarter of the abdomen. A truer depiction of typical symptoms would be as a series of symptoms that unfold and usually worsen over a period of hours or days. Appendicitis may begin with nausea or other digestive symptoms and sudden pain in the upper part of the abdomen or around the navel. The nausea may lead to vomiting and then both may cease. Fever is another common symptom.

    As time wears on, the pain often shifts to the lower right and becomes progressively more severe. That portion of the abdomen usually is very tender to the touch. Pain may also be felt with any kind of movement, including coughing or sometimes even just breathing.

    I suppose, theoretically, that it is possible for appendicitis to go away, but I wouldn't bet on that happening. You won't find a reputable doctor anywhere who will advise you to take the chance of waiting for appendicitis to subside. The risks of rupture and peritonitis compared to the risks of an appendectomy makes the choice for surgery a no-brainer.

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