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    'Hearing' devices for the deaf

    The wailing siren and horn blasts from a firetruck leading a Halloween parade convinced Jolene Temple that something she suspected about her infant daughter, Amanda, was true.

    An ear, nose and throat specialist diagnosed Amanda as being profoundly deaf. "She never had any hearing," says Mrs. Temple. "Her cochleas didn't fully develop during my pregnancy."

    Sensory cells within the cochlea (KOH-clee-ah), the snail-shaped cavity within the inner ear, hold thousands of tiny hairs that convert vibrations into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain. The brain interprets these impulses as sound. No electrical impulses are produced if the hairs are missing or damaged.

    By the time Jolene Temple and her husband, Doug, received the news that their daughter was deaf, Amanda had stopped vocalizing. Even her laughter was silent. Amanda reacted to sights and moved her mouth just as a babbling baby would. But without the feedback of hearing herself coo, gurgle and chatter, Amanda fell silent.

    After Amanda's hearing evaluation, doctors recommended that her parents consider a cochlear (KOH-clear) implant for her. A cochlear implant involves surgically implanting a sound-activated electronic device that directly stimulates the cochleas of deaf individuals.

    Hearing aids, which make the most of residual hearing, don't work for Amanda and others whose sensory cells and hairs are absent or damaged.

    In addition, systems such as Cued Speech, Auditory Verbal Therapy or Oral Education and sign language all help hearing-impaired people communicate, including those who, like Amanda, are profoundly deaf.

    The Temples decided that a cochlear implant would give Amanda her best opportunity to cope with her hearing loss.

    Not for everyone

    Cochlear implants aren't for everyone. Those who were born without a cochlea or who have fractured the bone around the inner ear and damaged the cochlear nerve are not candidates for an implant because the impulses can't be transmitted to the brain.

    In addition, the implants are not for the majority of people who have profound, age-related hearing loss that can be helped with a properly chosen and fitted hearing aid. People who have auditory nerve damage from an acoustic nerve tumor also aren't candidates.

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