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it is also best known as prozac

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provatine, dawnex, salipax, flusac, flexin, fluran, uxetine, fluxetil, sinzac, fluovex, anzack, animex-on, deprex, eufor, fluctin, fluoxeren, fluval, fontex, foxetin, portal, prozac weekly, pulvules, reneuron, sarafem, adofen, sarafem

fluoxetine hcl, fluoxetine-hcl, fluoxetine hydrochloride, fluoxetine-hydrochloride, fluoxetinum, fluoxetina, fluoxetina

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it is also best known as arcalion

products containing  sulbutiamine:

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it is also best known as nootropil

products containing  piracetam:
neurotam, racetam, knowful, nootropil, neurocetam, cebrotonin, ceretam

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it is also best known as valparin

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alti-valproic, convulex, delepsine, depakene, depakine, deproic, dom-valproic, epilex, epilim, epival, ergenyl, med valproic, mylproin, novo-valproic, nu-valproic, pms-valproic acid, penta-valproic, sprinkle, valcote, depakote, depakote er, depacon, stavzor

valproic acid, sodium valproate, di-n-propylacetic acid, di-n-propylessigsaure, dipropylacetic acid, dpa, n-dipropylacetic acid, n-dpa, myproic acid, propylvaleric acid, sodium hydrogen divalproate, valproate semisodique, valproate semisodium, valproato semisodico, valproatum seminatricum

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it is also best known as melatonine

products containing  melatonin:
circadin, mela-t, melatol, melatonex, melovine, night rest

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it is also best known as sibelium

products containing  flunarizine:
fludan, migarid, novo-flunarizine, apo-flunarizine capsules, vertix, zinasen, issium, fluvert, flufenal

flunarizinum, flunarizina, flunarizine hydrochloride, flunarizine dihydrochloride

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it is also best known as celexa

products containing  citalopram:
cipra, cipram, cital, pms citalopram, apo-citalopram, lopram, nitalapram

citalopram hydrobromide, citalopram hbr, citalopramum

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it is also best known as haldol

products containing  haloperidol:
manace, motivan, mapress, avant, motivan, aloperidin, aloperidol, aloperidolo, aloperidon, apo-haloperidol, bioperidolo, brotopon, dozic, dozix, einalon s, eukystol, galoperidol, haldol decanoate, haldol la, halidol, halojust, halol, halopal, haloperido, haloperidol decanoate, haloperidol intensol, haloperidol lactate, halopidol, halopoidol, halosten, keselan, lealgin compositum, linton, mixidol, novo-peridol, pekuces, peluces, peridol, pernox, pms haloperidol, serenace, serenase, serenelfi, sernas, sernel, sigaperidol, ulcolind, uliolind, vesalium

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it is also best known as cafergot

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ergotamine tartrate, anhydrous, monohydrate, cafeina, caffein, caffeine pure, methyltheobromide, methyltheobromine, monomethyl derivative of theophylline, theobromine me, theophylline me

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it is also best known as cymbalta

products containing  duloxetine:
yentreve, ariclaim, xeristar

duloxetine hcl, duloxetine hydrochloride

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