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it is also best known as viagra

products containing  sildenafil:
kamagra, silagra, eriacta, double cobra, jaguar, vygro, hard on, vip, viagra professional, viagra soft, viagra sublingual, viagra super active, viagra super force, viagra super dulox-force, viagra super fluox-force, vega, female viagra, averta, revatio, intagra, vigora, lovegra, suhagra, zenegra

sildenafil citrate
sildenafil citrate + fluoxetine
vitamin v, blue diamond, blue pill
common misspelling: saidinafil, saidenafil, saidanafil, saldinafil, saidinafil, sedinafil, ildenafil, isldenafil, ssildenafil, sldenafil, slidenafil, siildenafil, sidenafil, sidlenafil, silldenafil, silenafil, silednafil, silddenafil, sildnafil, sildneafil, sildeenafil, sildeafil, sildeanfil, sildennafil, sildenfil, sildenfail, sildenaafil, sildenail, sildenaifl, sildenaffil, sildenafl, sildenafli, sildenafiil, sildenafi, sildenafill

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it is also best known as promensil

products containing  isoflavone:

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it is also best known as premarin

products containing  estrogens:
conestoral, evex, hyhorin, morestin, par estro, prempro, premphase

estrone hydrogen sulfate, estrone-sulfate, estrone sulphate, estrone sulfate sodium, estrone sulfate, estrone sodium sulfate, estrone hydrogen sulfate, oestrone sulphate, sodium estrone sulfate, conjugated estrogens

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it is also best known as mircette

products containing  desogestrel:
cerazette, cyclessa, desogen, kariva

desogestrelum, desogestrel-ethinyl estradiol

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it is also best known as urecholine

products containing  bethanechol:
duvoid, mechotane, mechothane, mecothane, mictone, mictrol, myocholine, myotonachol, myotonine chloride, urabeth, urecholine chloride, uro-carb

amidopropyldimethylbetaine, beta-methyl carbachol chloride, besacholine, bethaine choline chloride, bethanechol chloride, carbamylmethylcholine chloride

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it is also best known as gestanin

products containing  allyloestrenol:
perselin, turinal, gestanol, gestanon, gestormone, orageston, organon, gestrenol

allylestrenol, allyl estrenol

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it is also best known as livial

products containing  tibolone:
boltin, livifem, liviella

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it is also best known as ortho tricyclen

products containing  norgestimate:
ortho evra, ortho tricyclen lo, ortho tricyclen, ortho-cyclen, ortho-prefest

dexnorgestrel acetime, norgestimato, norgestimatum

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it is also best known as phoslo

products containing  calcium-acetate:
calac, niacet calcium acetate tech, phoslo gelcaps, sorbo-calcian, sorbo-calcion, teltozan

calcium acetate, acetic acid, calcium salt, brown acetate, brown acetate of lime, calcium acetate hydrate, calcium acetate monohydrate, calcium diacetate, gray acetate, gray acetate of lime, grey acetate, lime acetate, lime pyrolignite, procalamine, pyrolignite of lime, vinegar salts

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it is also best known as clomid

products containing  clomiphene:
ovinum, phenate, profertil, sunophene, clostilbegyt, ova-mit, duinum, serophenetablet, clomivid, clomphid, clostilbegyt, dyneric, genozym, ikaclomin, milophene, omifin, serophene, clomifert, androxal

clomifene, clomiphene citrate, chloramiphene, chloramifene, chlomaphene, cisclomiphene, clomifeno, clomiphene dihydrogen citrate, racemic clomiphene citrate, zuclomiphene citrate

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