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    the dangers of talcum powder

    Please give me any info you have on the subject of inhaling baby powder. My daughter did so six weeks ago and was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia and has had several respiration attacks since that time. What are the long-term effects on the lungs? Why aren't there child safety caps on these products?

    Isn't it amazing that something that seems so harmless can cause such a problem! Talc, which is the main ingredient in most powders is a significant irritant to the nose and lungs of both children and adults. Even the little bits that float into the air can get into the lungs and cause irritation that gets worse with continued exposure. Because babies and children put everything in their mouths, they can get large amounts into their lungs. The lungs recognize that this substance doesn't belong there and gear up all the defenses to clear these foreign particles away. This is the aspiration (inhalation) pneumonia that your daughter has. All that inflammation causes trouble with coughing and wheezing. Unfortunately, this reaction can last months, and in some people, years. Children who have this type of reaction to inhaling baby powder may be treated much like a child with asthma.

    When putting any powder on a baby or child, a small amount should be gently shaken into your hand, then gently applied to the baby. Even using this technique will put some of the powder into the air putting the child at risk for inhaling it. Cornstarch powders are a safe alternative to baby powders that contain talc. Even if cornstarch powders are inhaled, they will not cause persistent problems like talc.

    As for childproof caps, I share your frustration. You can be extremely careful and still have your child get into things. Even though you may keep things out of reach, children still find a way to reach things they are not supposed to have. Having a childproof lid might help. Every layer of protection makes our children safer. Nothing beats having eyes in the back of your head!

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