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it is also best known as declomycin

products containing  demeclocycline:
bioterciclin, clortetrin, deganol, demeclor, demethylchlorotetracycline, demethylchlortetracyclin, demethylchlortetracycline, demethylchlortetracycline hydrochloride, demethylchlortetracyclinum, demetraclin, diuciclin, elkamicina, ledermycin, ledermycin hydrochloride, methylchlorotetracycline, mexocine, novotriclina, perciclina, sumaclina, tri-demethylchlortetracycline

demeclociclina, demeclocycline hcl, demeclocycline hydrochloride, demeclocyclinum

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it is also best known as chloromycetin

products containing  chloramphenicol:
xepanicol, beaphenicol, mycetin, eucomycin, enclor, beaphenicol, enclor, ak-chlor ophthalmic ointment, ak-chlor ophthalmic solution, ak-chlor, alficetyn, ambofen, amphenicol, amphicol, amseclor, anacetin, aquamycetin, austracil, austracol, biocetin, biophenicol, catilan, chemicetin, chemicetina, chlomin, chlomycol, chlora-tabs, chloracol ophthalmic solution, chloramex, chloramficin, chloramfilin, chloramsaar, chlorasol, chloricol, chlornitromycin, chlorocaps, chlorocid, chlorocid s, chlorocide, chlorocidin c, chlorocidin c tetran, chlorocol, chlorofair, chlorofair ophthalmic ointment, chlorofair ophthalmic solution, chloroject l, chloromax, chloromycetin hydrocortisone, chloromycetin ophthalmic ointment, chloromycetin palmitate, chloromyxin, chloronitrin, chloroptic, chlorovules, cidocetine, ciplamycetin, cloramfen, cloramficin, cloramicol, cloramidina, clorocyn, cloromisan, clorosintex, comycetin, cylphenicol, desphen, detreomycin, detreomycine, dextromycetin, doctamicina, econochlor, econochlor ophthalmic ointment, econochlor ophthalmic solution, elase-chloromycetin, embacetin, emetren, enicol, enteromycetin, erbaplast, ertilen, farmicetina, farmitcetina, fenicol, fenicol ophthalmic ointment, globenicol, glorous, halomycetin, hortfenicol, i-chlor ophthalmic solution, intramycetin, isicetin, ismicetina, isophenicol, isopto fenicol, juvamycetin, kamaver, kemicetina, kemicetine, klorita, klorocid s, leukamycin, leukomyan, leukomycin, levomicetina, levomitsetin, levomycetin, loromisan, loromisin, mastiphen, mediamycetine, medichol, micloretin, micochlorine, micoclorina, microcetina, mychel, mychel-vet, mycinol, normimycin v, novochlorocap, novomycetin, novophenicol, ocu-chlor ophthalmic ointment, ocu-chlor ophthalmic solution, oftalent, oleomycetin, opclor, opelor, ophtho-chloram ophthalmic solution, ophthochlor, ophthochlor ophthalmic solution, ophthoclor, ophthocort, ophtochlor, optomycin, otachron, otophen, pantovernil, paraxin, pentamycetin, pentamycetin ophthalmic ointment, pentamycetin ophthalmic solution, quemicetina, rivomycin, romphenil, ronphenil, septicol, sificetina, sintomicetina, sintomicetine r, sno-phenicol, sopamycetin ophthalmic ointment, sopamycetin ophthalmic solution, spectro-chlor ophthalmic ointment, spectro-chlor ophthalmic solution, stanomycetin, synthomycetin, synthomycetine, synthomycine, tega-cetin, tevcocin, tevcosin, tifomycin, tifomycine, tiromycetin, treomicetina, tyfomycine, unimycetin, veticol, viceton

chloramphenicole, chloramfenikol, chloroamphenicol, cloroamfenicolo, d-chloramphenicol

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it is also best known as crixivan

products containing  indinavir:

indinavir sulphate, compound j

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it is also best known as myambutol

products containing  ethambutol:
ambutol, etinol, ethambutol, ebutol, dadibutol, diambutol, etibi, tibutol, servambutol

ethambutol hcl, ethambutol-hcl, ethambutol hydrochloride, ethambutol-hydrochloride, d-ethambutol, etambutol, etambutolo, ethambutol dihydrochloride, racemic mixture, ethambutolum, aethambutolum

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it is also best known as trecator

products containing  ethionamide:
ethomid, aethionamidum, aetina, aetiva, amidazin, amidazine, atina, ethimide, ethina, etimid, etiocidan, etionid, etionizin, etionizina, etionizine, fatoliamid, iridocin, iridozin, isothin, isotiamida, itiocide, nicotion, nisotin, nizotin, rigenicid, sertinon, teberus, thianid, thianide, thioamide, thiomid, thioniden, tianid, tio-mid, tiomid, trecator-sc, trekator, trescatyl, trescazide, tubenamide, tubermin, tuberoid, tuberoson

etionamide, etionamida, etionamid, etioniamid, ethioniamide, ethylisothiamide, ethyonomide, ethionamidum, ethionamid prothionamid, ethinamide

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it is also best known as lamprene

products containing  clofazimine:

clofazimina, chlofazimine, clofaziminum

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it is also best known as ceftin

products containing  cefuroxime:
ancef, biofuroksym, cedax, cefizox, cefobid, cefotan, cefurax, cefuril, cefzil, cepazine, cephuroxime, duricef, elobact, kefurox, kefzol, kerurox, mandol, maxipime, mefoxin, monocid, oraxim, rocephin, sharox, velosef, zinat, efurox, anikef, zinnat, altacef, xylid, zocef, xorimax, spizef, altacef, pulmocef, zinacef, ceroxime, cefoprim, furoxime, ceflour, zilisten, cefamar, cemurox

cefuroximo, cefuroximum, cefuroxim, cefuroxime axetil, cefuroxime sodium, cefuroxime sod

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it is also best known as neggram

products containing  nalidixic:
cybis, dixiben, dixinal, eucistin, innoxalon, jicsron, nalidic acid, nalidixan, nalidixate, nalidixin, nalidixinic acid, nalitucsan, nalix, nalurin, naxuril, negram, nevigramon, nogram, sicmylon, unaserus, urisal, uronidix, wintomylon, wintron, naladixic acid

nalidixic acid

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it is also best known as famvir

products containing  famciclovir:


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it is also best known as sumycin

products containing  tetracycline:
axcel tetracycline, tetracycla, tetracin, pharmaniaga tetracycline, pharmycin, beatacycline, tetra, triomycin, tetracap, erlimycin, xepacycline, mycin, vemyclin, hydrazine, abramycin, abricycline, achromycin, achromycin v, actisite, agromicina, ambramicina, ambramycin, amycin, bio-tetra, biocycline, bristaciclin, bristaciclina, bristacycline, cefracycline, ciclibion, copharlan, criseociclina, cyclopar, cytome, democracin, deschlorobiomycin, dumocyclin, enterocycline, hostacyclin, lexacycline, limecycline, liquamycin, medocycline, mericycline, micycline, neocycline, oletetrin, omegamycin, orlycycline, panmycin, polycycline, polyotic, purocyclina, resteclin, retet, robitet, roviciclina, sk-tetracycline, solvocin, tac, tetra-co, tetrabon, tetrachel, tetracycl, tetracyn, tetradecin, tetrafil, tetramed, tetraverine, tetrex, topicycline, tsiklomistsin, tsiklomitsin, veracin, vetacyclinum

tetracycline hcl, anhydrotetracycline, tetracycline hydrochloride

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