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    A parent's guide to prevention

    Acute and overuse injuries

    For children, the most common sports-related medical problems are acute injuries and overuse injuries.

    When players twist, collide or fall, they risk acute injuries, including:

    * Sprains (injured ligaments)
    * Strains (injured tendons or muscles)
    * Contusions (bruises)
    * Fractures, including stress fractures

    These injuries could sideline a young athlete. Stress fractures can be frustrating because they cause pain but may be invisible on X-rays. Athletes with stress fractures often return too early to their sport, worsening the injury.

    Overuse injuries -- repeated microtrauma to tendons, ligaments and bones -- are more subtle. Many overuse injuries cause only minor pain, making them easy to ignore. To confuse matters, pain from these conditions may appear somewhere other than at the injury site.

    Expectations, ignorance promote injury

    Some injuries are due to inflated expectations about athletic performance. During informal play, few children will repeat a motion that leads to discomfort. But in the face of pressure from themselves, peers, parents or coaches, some children return to a game to "play though the pain." That choice promotes further injury.

    The media may inflate expectations. On television, children see athletes who quickly return to play after an injury. In emulating their sports heroes, children may underestimate the time that's truly needed for healing.

    Adults also may forget about the vulnerabilities of children, who are not merely small adults. A child's bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments develop unevenly, increasing the risk of injury. A bump that leads to a bruise in an adult may be more serious in a child. is not a comercial or official site. all opinions provided at drugsboat are personal opinions and should not be taken too seriously, but considered. drugsboat holds no responsibility for any negative consequences of it's contents. information is here free for taking, it's visitor's responsibility to use it in a proper way.